• Are you looking for a smartwatch for your child that retails for less than a hundred dollars? Have you looked at several cheap ones but, due to the price, they do not include the features your child wants?


    If so, look no further than the VTech Kidizoom smartwatch. Not only is it one of the best children's smartwatches on the market at the moment, it is loaded with features that any child would love.


    What is the best feature of the Kidizoom Smartwatch? -- This smartwatch comes loaded with so many features, you would be hard pressed to find one that stands out above all the others.


    Take the large, bright touch-screen for instance. Not only does it make it easy for your child to see what he is doing, even while on the move, it is also durable and reliable and not likely to break.


    Or what about the video camera? It can take thousands of photographs and video that are professional quality. The included USB cable and software also allows your child to transfer his video and photos and then add special effects, cartoon faces and speech bubbles. He can even edit his videos on the included editing software until they look as professional as any taken by an adult's digital camera.


    Does your child like to record you or your family telling stories or just talking? The voice recorder will allow him to record hundreds of hours of family conversations, grandad telling stories or mom talking about what happened when she took the dog to the vet.


    The VTech Kidizoom smartwatch even comes with a calendar and a calculator, so no more worries about him getting those math problems wrong.


    Finally, if your child loves to exercise, he can even wear the VTech Kidizoom smartwatch when he runs, as it is completely sweat proof making it the perfect fitness watch.


    Additional features -- The VTech Kidizoom smartwatch has more than 50 display designs, so whether your child loves a clock face that looks like a cartoon, or something more adult and realistic, he will easily find a display he likes.


    The Lithium Ion battery will allow the watch to run for days without needing to be recharged and, even while your child is recharging it with the included USB cable, he can be uploading his photos and videos to his computer at the same time.


    The durability of the watch makes it perfect for children under 10 -- As many parents know, younger children tend to be hard on the things they use.


    With the VTech Kidizoom smartwatch, though, you will never have to worry. Its thick, adjustable rubber wristband will not break, the heavy duty glass on the watch's face is difficult to scratch or crack, and the watch itself is likely to run for years.


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